In order to proceed with any reservation in your name, a credit card number is required as a guarantee. As soon as the itinerary reservations are booked and you have received a confirmed itinerary for your review, a non-refundable guarantee deposit of $75 per person will be required.

That deposit will be applied to total price of your itinerary, once you proceed with the final payment.

The entire package has to be paid 45 days prior your arrival and you can pay with Visa, American Express, Master Card or wire transfer.

Special holidays payment policies will vary, for example for Christmas and New Year's eves, the deadline is around late September and for Easter Week, it might be by late January or February.

* * Groups payment policies may differ from the above ones * *

Frogs from Costa Rica, ranas de Costa Rica


We understand that unexpected circumstances may arise and we will try to be as accommodating as possible. However, we are constrained by the individual policies of hotels and tour operators. Costa Rica BTD strongly recommends purchasing trip cancellation insurance for your peace of mind. Coverage for a $5000 trip is usually around $250. For insurance comparison shopping on the web, we highly recommend "Insure my trip"

* * If there are changes or cancellations in the itineraries at any moment after the trip is confirmed by Costa Rica BTD and before the payment deadline, there is a charge of $75 per person.

For individual travelers (except in Christmas and New Year´s Eves)

  • If you cancel 45-31 days before your arrival, 50% of the itinerary will be charged.
  • If you cancel 30-21days before your arrival, 75% of the itinerary will be charged.
  • If you cancel with less than 21 days before your arrival, 100% of the itinerary will be charged.

For itineraries in Christmas and New Year´s Eves

  • If you cancel before Oct. 1, only guarantee deposit will not be returned.
  • If you cancel between Oct. 01 and Nov. 01, 25% of the total amount of the itinerary will be reimbursed.
  • If you cancel after Nov. 01, nothing (0%) of the total amount of the itinerary will be returned. 

Important Notes:

  1. All reservations must be received in written.  If your cancellation is due to medical situations, please send us all necessary documents to try to get a better refund deal for you.
  2. No refunds will be made due to weather delays or cancellations of flights.

  3. If some hotels apply different and stricter cancellation policies, we will let you know and for that specific hotel, we will be ruled by those policies. This happens especially for other holidays like Easter Week.

  4. Groups or wedding policies will vary from the above ones.


Any claims for refunds must be made IN WRITING within 15 days of scheduled return.

All negotiable vouchers must accompany the claim. No refunds will be made for features included in our itineraries that travelers chose not to take part in.

No refunds will be made for missing transfers or sightseeing tours due to changes or delays in airline schedules. Costa Rica BTD and Costa Rica Honeymoons will not refund any money for changes in travel arrangements made by the traveler after the departure date. Any service issue affecting the quality of the guest's hotel stay must be addressed directly with the hotel's management at the time the issue arises since refunds cannot be given for such inconveniences. Costa Rica BTD and Costa Rica Honeymoons will help you with any problems you might encounter with the different hotels, regarding quality of service offered.

Costa Rica BTD and Costa Rica Honeymoons will refund the money two weeks after receiving a written cancellation and service refund approval from our providers. We will wire the money to your bank account; please don’t forget to send us the complete information to proceed with it.  Any bank commissions will be deduced from the amount to be wired.

Costa Rica BTD and Costa Rica Honeymoons will always try to assist you with any changes or cancellations, and if the hotels, car rentals or air transportation companies give the agency a refund we will always pass it to our client.

* * For every refund, we will only apply the change or cancellation fee of 6% over the total amount * *